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5000 Lightroom Presets Bundle, Natural Presets, Desktop Mobile Preset

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About preset
This ALL in ONE Mega Preset Bundle grants you access to all preset package from our Shop! Packages for Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring content as well as presets for every day content It's ALL you need to push your content to another level!

✔️ 180 Preset packages included!
✔️ 2500 Lightroom presets for MOBILE Lightroom ( free mobile lightroom app)
✔️ 2500 Lightroom presets for DESKTOP Lightroom (XMP, Lrtemplate files)
✔️ 2500 Mobile 2500 Desktop Presets = 5000 Presets In Total
✔️ Post-purchase Support 24/7
✔️ Instructions
✔️ Instant Download
✔️ Just one Payment: Presets can be used an unlimited number of times

✔️ Compatible with All formats
✔️ Compatible with Lightroom Mobile App (Both IOS Android)
✔️ Compatible with Desktop Lightroom
✔️ Compatible with All Lightroom Versions

- Tap “Buy” button and complete the payment.
- We send the Lightroom presets instantly on the order page.
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5000 Lightroom Presets
5000 Lightroom Presets Bundle, Natural Presets, Desktop Mobile Preset, Blogger Mobile Lightroom Preset, Clean Influencer, white soft preset
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A preset is a saved group of photo-editing settings in Adobe Lightroom, which can be applied to any of your photos to improve its style, lighting, saturation, hues, and many other factors based on its setting. Designed to achieve a certain “look” or “style” for your photo, presets work like a template that transforms your images in just 1-click. Using Flourish Presets can help you create a stunningly curated theme, elevate your brand, edit with style, speed, and consistency.
Michele Customer

Pixiata was truly a dream to work with! She was so helpful and I appreciated her fast responses! Her preset qualities are amazing and beautiful!

2 months ago
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Transform Your Photos, Illuminate Your Creativity!
From Las Vegas, United States
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